I'm a CIA brat,  I grew up in Washington, D.C., Greece, Vietnam and Korea.  As  kids we weren’t told our parents’ real employer but  we must have figured something out,   spy v spy was the favorite game. 
Lots of people came to the house:  police chiefs, generals, magazine reporters, artists, commandos, missionary bush doctors, millionaire engineers, Olympic hurdlers, and Jesuit monks - people at one time or another I wanted to be like.
Three months after graduating with a BS in Electrical Engineering I started acting, my first few roles were Sidney in The Sign in Sidney Bruestein’s Window,  Niko in Zorba!, Tony in Dial M for Murder, Moon in The Real Inspector Hound.  My favorite work has been in the ABCD categories: Authorities, Bad Guys, Cops and Creeps, Dads and Detectives in films such as Fruitvale Station (corrections officer), Love Hurts (gang boss), The Wisdom Tree (FBI chief), and Veracruz (hit man broker), in plays as Dad in The Dreamer Examines His Pillow and Erie Smith in Hughie.