Tanya was born and raised in Russia. Following her dream she moved to the US.

After she felt comfortable with the language, Tanya joined a well known acting school and since then has never stopped acting. Tanya has already worked with such big names as Hugh Laurie and Gretchen Mol.

Most of Tanya’s characters are tough and confident women who always surprise you by either breaking someone’s heart or saving a life. In Gold Mountain she plays a Ukrainian hooker Eva who becomes a favorite “girlfriend” of Anatoly - the leader of Russian mafia.

Tara Young is a Canadian who is very happy to be in San Francisco, where she now lives.

She is studying at the Beverly Hills Playhouse and has worked on numerous film and theatre productions in the Bay area.

Tara is low key and bruises easily but still​ fights crime at night.

She is extremely proud to be a part of the Gold Mountain family.